annie leibovitz

When I first heard about Anne Leibovitz, I was not able to figure out who she was. Then, I found out that she took the photo of Demi Moore when Demi was pregnant. It was a shock to me to have that kind of photo and now I understand the meaning of it since I became a father of a son.

It seems amazing to see how great celebrities joined Anne’s work. I think Anne has a special sense to capture the best moment of the time for them. As well, Anne seems to encourage people to show their best in the picture.

Another thing is that photograph helps each other to be in a family. Many of Anne’s photos show the importance of family tie. Even though there are much of differences among the societies, family will be one of the common points that people think important. There are many different pictures of her family and she says that she is so lucky to have the photographs. Anne is brave enough to show her personal side to prove her love to all of them.

Through our life, we would meet all kinds of questions and I think Anne gives an answer for this. After meeting Anne, I found myself trying to be more dedicated to my family and friends. This is what I got from her and I would like to continue my respect to her.

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