In memory of my friend, Sangwook

It was quite a shock news to me.
He left...
Why so early?

In 2007, Sangwook and I had a project together at New York.
He is the funniest guy whom I have ever met. And I also remember how much he cares about people. I was lucky that at least I could spend a week with him here in New York.
I already miss you, my friend.
See you again at heaven.


ArirangTV Special Program_Sustainable City NY

I visited many places and met lots of people in order to interview them for special program.
The topic was about sustainable city and it focused on New York.
- US Green Building Council : Interview, Fashion show, Earthday special event
- GreenHome NYC : Interview, Earthday special event
- Green Depot : Interview, Earthday special event
- Green Roof at Bronx Court house
- Greenhouse
- LEED AP interview
ArirangTV is the only English channel and it has a weekly program, "Arirang Prime".
I worked with two great friends.
Moonho Lee, the producer
Brian Kang, adviser


New York Autoshow 2009

I have been to this Autoshow in 2007 and I could feel the difference.
What an economy!!! It affects to everything.

Parsons School of Design_3D for foundation

3D in Parsons is rather focused on fashion area since the school's strenth is in fashion field.

Parsons School of Design_its unique Museum Bulletin

"I never let my schooling interfere with my education." - Mark Twain