Gwangju Design Biennale Presentation at NY

It has been great to see the leading designers in New York at a place.

Peter L. Barna : Provost, Pratt Institute http://www.pratt.edu/

Tucker Viemeister : President, Studio Red at Rockwell Group http://www.redrockwell.com/

Eric Chan : President, Ecco Design http://www.eccoid.com/

Richard Wilfred Yelle : Chair, Art and Design, University of Bridgeport www.bridgeport.edu

Dan Buchner : Vice President, Design Continuum www.dcontinuum.com

Lisa Smith : designer http://www.lisasmith.net/lisasmith.htm

Matilda McQuaid : Deputy Curatorial Director, Cooper Hewitt Museum www.si.edu

KIM Sunhee : Workshop Director, Rowena Reed Kostellow www.rowenafund.org

Constantin Boym, Laurene Leon Boym http://www.boym.com

Manuel Saez : Design Director, Humanscale www.humanscale.com

Gwangju Design Biennale 2007 Presentation Night at W hotel in Time Square.
March 20, 2007


elements of design

pic: 3D class in Pratt Institute

I have been here in Pratt for 2 months and was looking for the answer why Pratt is so strong in their education not only domestically, but also internationally.

I believe I found a hint for the question which is "the elements of design".
Once you begin to read this book and join the 3D class, you would realize what I actually mean. This book is also translated as Korean by Professor KIM Sun-hee with Ahngraphics.

Please get more information about this book and Rowena fund.



gathering with young korean designers in ny

It has been always great to meet the young creative designers.
They have studied Industrial Design at Pratt Institute and some of them are
working for design firms in New York. They are all passionate and full of ideas.
I hope to have an exhibition in New York with their own works soon.

Before the meeting, I visited a design firm, Humanscale Design Studio.
The designers are from different countries, backgrounds, cultures however they been sharing ideas together and which enables them to make great works. Please see the diversity of the team in Humanscale Design and their design.


I thank you to Mr. KWON for your invitation to your studio.

Mr. Steven KWON Industrial Designer, Humanscale Design Studio