At MoMA_New Exhibition

One of my favorite place.
It has certain collectons that stay same but it also moves with new waves all the time.

Flag made of bricks

The Worldmap with national flags.
See the wolrd that was really red in Russia and China part.
Did they chose their national flag accordingly with their political ideology.

The African-American Flag
Have to ask any African-Americans think that way.

MoMA_ http://www.moma.org


Ecco Design New Years Party

ECCO Design in New York has hosted its New Years Party at their office.
More than 200 designers attended and enjoyed the gathering.

Eric CHAN was a speaker for design conference organized by KIDP.
If you would like to learn more about ECCO Design,


Designers as leaders

* I like the introduction of the writing. It brings me into the story and gives me to think and think.
Designers as Leaders (Originally published in Perspectives)
Richard Farson

Design is one of the few professions dominated by its clientele. Compared to physicians, attorneys, and academics, designers are inclined to do what they’re told. That posture is so widely accepted among designers it sometimes seems that the only ones who can occasionally insist on having things their way are the superstars of design.

Of course, having one’s way is hardly the ideal manner in which to conduct a professional relationship. Nevertheless, design judgment, even in matters of social responsibility such as health and safety, let alone matters of esthetics, efficiency, productivity and visual impact, is often subordinated to the client’s or employer’s wishes.
That is such an old story among designers that perhaps it is small wonder that designers tend not see themselves as leaders. If they have learned not to expect their professional judgements to sway clients or employers, how can they imagine leading corporations or communities, to say nothing of exercising leadership in the developing global arena? It is simply impossible for most designers to think of themselves as having a place in high councils of decision making.

If you want to read whole story, please go to
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everythings cool~

You may not get any clear images on the movie from its title, but will finally recognize why it is named so.

This is about Global Warming and Global Warning!!!

Someone who has worked for 20 years for warning people the seriousness of 'Global Warming" found out that his work is having some results. But it's still far to go.

This link is about oil industry.


some changes make better...

It will be a good experience for children to learn how to communicate with the animals. The animals are in the cage, however, children can still meet them and feel. Going to zoo and meeting animal will be a never-forget experience to them.

Paragraph above has been changed...

It will be a very important experience for children to visit the zoos. Most of the animals can be observed from the short distance. Going to the zoos and meeting the animals are definitely one of the never-forget moments to them. I brought my niece and nephew to a zoo near my home and they were so happy that I could see all the animals that they learned from the books. They tried to talk with all the animals and they believed the animals were their real friends. Going to zoos will help children to grow in their emotional aspect as well as knowledge.


is that a building or iron?

Whenever I see this building at Commercial for Cable Movie Channel, I felt it looks very much like iron.^^

Flatiron Building (1901-1903)
Between 22nd & 23th, Fifth Avenue
D.H. Burnham & Co
Height 91.4m


design life now @ cooper-hewitt

Design Life Now : National Design Triennial 2006

December 8, 2006-July 29, 2007

The third Triennial brings together the experimental designs and emerging ideas-including animation, new media, fashion, robotics, architecture, product, medical, and graphic design-at the center of American culture from 2003 to 2006.

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the tipping point

In the class, we are reading a book, "The Tipping Point".

This book tries to prove that there are 3 rules of the "Tipping Point" when a dramatic change occurs.

You may not get any clear explanation of the book from the image above, however, you may understand better after you read the book through.

I am sure the image will look different.^^

* The image was done by Ryu of my class.

You may also compare with the other mind map which looks more scientific.


new life in new york

Do I think I was lucky to be here in New York?
Yes, right...

"Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

pic: In front of Madison Square Garden

annie leibovitz

When I first heard about Anne Leibovitz, I was not able to figure out who she was. Then, I found out that she took the photo of Demi Moore when Demi was pregnant. It was a shock to me to have that kind of photo and now I understand the meaning of it since I became a father of a son.

It seems amazing to see how great celebrities joined Anne’s work. I think Anne has a special sense to capture the best moment of the time for them. As well, Anne seems to encourage people to show their best in the picture.

Another thing is that photograph helps each other to be in a family. Many of Anne’s photos show the importance of family tie. Even though there are much of differences among the societies, family will be one of the common points that people think important. There are many different pictures of her family and she says that she is so lucky to have the photographs. Anne is brave enough to show her personal side to prove her love to all of them.

Through our life, we would meet all kinds of questions and I think Anne gives an answer for this. After meeting Anne, I found myself trying to be more dedicated to my family and friends. This is what I got from her and I would like to continue my respect to her.