Documentary_4th day

University of Texas, Austin with Professor Sam Gossling.

Documentary_3rd day

NYC(Contrabase) -> Houston, Texas -> Austin, Texas
Some photos at Contrabase(Minbak).
Not much things to do in the airport, so we shot each other.

Documentary_2nd day

Saint Luke's Hospital at Bethlehem in Pennsylvenia.

I got a great feeling from this hospital with their passion to their profession. The way they respect each employee's personality is very impressive.

Documentary_1st day

Feb 15 at Washington DC
Dr. Dean Hamer is a person who is a specialist for the role o inheritance in human behaviro, personality traits, and cancer risk-related behaviors.


Korean Desiger in NY #1_Taeeun Yoo_Illustrator

Taeeun Yoo is a New York based illustrator.
It is a fortune for me to meet her and learn about her great works.
As I have a 4 year old boy, I recognized how children books are important to children of their imagination and emotion.
While I was talking to her, I found her soul is as pure as child and it enables her to illustrate such an impressive works.

Taeeun received her MFA from the School of Visual Arts Illustration as Visual Essay program. Her clients include Dial Books for Young Readers, Greenwillow Books, Simon & Schuster, Square Fish Feiwel&Friends,Cricket Magazine, Spider Magazine, Ladybug Magazine.

One of her book was selected as Best Illustrated Book in 2009 by New York Times.

NY Times article

Taeeun Yoo website

Taeeun's books in Barns & Nobles in Union Square.

Korean Designers' Exhibition at NY_BIBIMBOP

KIDP proudly supports young talented Korean designers to explore to the global stage.
Do't miss this exhibition.
( bibimbopny website)

(Photo Credit, Dongyoon Lee)