artist's statement

After the globalization, the world is getting very closer and sharing much of it. As the result, having network with people in the world is essential and unavoidable. Then, how I can access to the people and build up the network? It will be the key issue and I think the answer is 'proper communication'. And communication is not only open our mouth, but also open our hearts.

Since 2002, I have been planning design exhibitions and seminars, meeting designers from all over the world. My challenge was to be their friends intead of remaing their business partners. As it has been proved through my personal experience, good communication brings good result of the project.

Design is also communication. Designers will communicate with people through their design, e. g. Mr. Alvar Aalto tried to comfort and rest to people through his work. People still appreciate his work not because he had performed well, but he had good intention of design.

Real success is finding my lifework in the work that I love. To find something I can enjoy is far better than finding something I can possess. I believe I have been succesful so far and I would like to continue it in the future. Right now, what is the most important thing for me is definitely my family.