Seoul Design Festival_Seminar_KIM Chiho

KIM Chiho
Art director of Seoul Design Festival
Professor at Yonsei University
Hillstate Gallery, Dec 15.

He explains the stragegies of successful international design promotion with 11 key words.
I think it has been described elegantly.

1. Concept : Think simple but clear
Try to show what you are designing with simple and clear ways.
As well, design should be considered as a process of production.

2. Image : Design your mind
Your design should contain your idea, philosophy and image.

3. Korean? : Don't be too much Korean
Korean and Traditional do not go together all the time.
Think about the identity that we have now.

4. Perfection : See inside from Outside
If it is not perfect, do not show it.
5. Material : Think about Skin
Korean designers are likely to focus on the shape not the materials.
Find the new materials and apply them to your design. You will find something quite new.
6. Language : Speak your mind
Cannot have any business without proper communication.

7. Unique : Be yourself not else
Do not copy any others. Make your own design with uniqueness.

8. Passion : Be maniac to your life
If you do not have passion, ask yourself whether you are a designer
9. Party : Enjoy your business
Party is a great chance to develop your business.

10. World : Show to the world
Your stage is not Korean peninsula. It's the earth.

11. People : Always think about people
Design for human, not for design itself.


Design Management Conference...well done

It was a great conference with full of passion toward design management.
I would like to thank to Thomas, Alison, Jaibeom and all the speakers from all over the world.
Definitely, I will continue to work on it.


red dot concept design award

Mr. SEO Youngmin(second from right), industrial design major at Pratt Institute, was awarded red dot concept design award 2007.